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  1. In front of the new season
  2. First three rounds of the new season flew by
  3. 2018-2019 season underway
  4. Round 7 in retrospective. Scorpionii on the winning end. Plumbers lost against Best
  5. Shmac 2/3 this weekend. Joulaks huge game. Plumbers overpowered Valbon2


August 12, 2019
In front of the new season

Hi everybody We want to announce all of you, that we start the registration for the new season 2019-2020. The new season will start¬† in 5 of October. The registration period will start from today and will close in 20 of September.¬† You can download the registration form in RO and EN languages from Info…

October 21, 2018
First three rounds of the new season flew by

Hello all, let’s start off with the 1st round of the ABL, with the games between Best Arad and Mp sport Tm, Scorpionii vs Vikings Plumbers vs Younique and Bastards vs Phoenix. Best vs MP, a duel between the future of basketball on this side of the country. MP lost altough the performance of Luci…

September 18, 2018
2018-2019 season underway

Hello everyone, a new season of the ABL is about to start. We set the starting date to the 6th of October. After the staff meeting we had last week, we established some rules for the new season. Each team, must fill out and send the participation form until 29.09.2018 via e-mail. Partially completed forms…

March 11, 2018
Round 7 in retrospective. Scorpionii on the winning end. Plumbers lost against Best

Hello all,   Last week we had a couple of games, 2 in the B league and one in the interleague. In the interleague, the Plumbers were toppes by 4 points by Best. Vally had 28 points 10 rebounds and 7 assists. Borics and Kovacs’ eforts were not enough from the losing team as they…

February 12, 2018
Shmac 2/3 this weekend. Joulaks huge game. Plumbers overpowered Valbon2

Hello people.   Great weekend with a lot of games. Shmac Cluj played 3 games. First one against Valbon. Easy win 82-46 behind Robi Antals big double-double 17 points 14 boards. Iov was again the lead scorer for Valbon with 17. Big game by Sabri Joulak in the win against Shmac. Condorii won by one…

February 8, 2018
Bastards on the losing end again. Younique on a roll

Hello all.   Out of 4 games planned for last weekend,only 2 of them took place. From the A League Younique won against the Spartans 75-57. Pidi Czmor led his team with 21 points and 4 three pointers. From the Spartans, Ardeu Christian with 16 points was the lead scorer. The 2nd game of the…

January 31, 2018
2 weeks of good basketball. Scorpionii stay in B League

Hello everyone.   We had 2 weeks full of basketball, with junior league games and ABL games. 2 weeks ago we had in ABL All Blacks against phoenix. Phoenix lost 37-58. Pavel with 21 was the best scorer of the game. Moraru from Phoenix with 14 was the best scorer for his team. Another game…

January 18, 2018
Inter League started. Plumbers got the first win.

Hello everyone,   Last weekend we only had 2 games, one in the A League and the other one in the Inter League. In the A league Valbon won against the Spartans. Nedescu with 27 from 9 threepointers and Iov with 25 and 10 rebounds were the leaders for Valbon. For the Spartans with 11…

December 25, 2017
Transfers period and Important information about second part of the season

First of all I want to wish a merry christmas for everyone. Now I want to explain some important things about second part of the championship. The first step is to announce everybody that the transfer period is already starts, this means that you can modify your team roster, you can put new players in…

November 28, 2017
Important informaton
Hi all. I want to share some important things with everybody related to our new webpage and also about second part of championship. First of all I want to tell everybody that I start to migrate from our old webpage to this new one. From last round I start to put all statistics on this...
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