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The idea of ABLA Championship was raised in 2002 summer in mind of Mihaltian Istvan, who after a lot of discussion with different ex players and coaches try to find a way to create an amateur league for people who wants to play basketball and who loves sports.

In the spring of 2003 together with Attila Katona who is a friend of Mihaltian, starts discussions with amateur and ex profi players about this championship and to convince them to create a team and join this championship.

The first championship started in the early summer of 2003 with 7 teams. Denver, Bad Boys, Temerarii, Plumbers, Tigers, Unicum and Sharks. The referees was players or ex players and the only officials in that time was Mihaltian and Katona.

All games was played in Sala Decebal, and the first final was between Sharks and Temerarii. The first title has won by Sharks

2004 till now

After the first season, also some other guys came to help this league, like Szabo Robert, Bartis Andras, Andrejkovits Zoltan. This small staff start the procedure to create an association which was proved to be useful to get sponsors. Also Mihaltian Istvan created the first ABLA rule book in this year.

In the second year the number of teams reached 11 and this is groves year by year. The maxmimum number of teams ABLA reached in 2007 when the league had 23 teams form Arad.

After this year a lot of teams from Timisoara joined ABLA. Bartis Andras one of the staff members developed the first professional page of ABLA which offered a lot of informations about statistics of the players, also the page contain a lot of news and pictures about events.

Teams form other countries

In 2013-2014 appeared the first team from another country in ABLA, this team was from Hodmezovasarhely, Hungary and they spent 2 seasons in our league. Next year KK Coka from Serbija joined the league and one year later Novi Sad team joined also ABLA, each teams were from Serbija.

Important Moments

Starts ABLA First Season
ABLA starts with 7 teams P 1. Plumbers 2. Temerarii 3. Denver 4. Bad Boys 5. Tigers 6. Sharks 7. Unicum
Second Season
ABLA grows from 7 teams to 10 teams
Start to create an Asociation
Szabo Rboert, Andrejkovits Zoltan and Mihaltian Istvan, start to create the Club Sportiv Andromeda Arad. The reason was a better organization and in this way ABLA can obtain money from different projects
ABLA All Starts Team
ABLA has been invited to a National Amateur Basketball Tournament to Targu Mures where the All Starts team won the tournament.
23 teams and National Tournament in Arad
ABLA grove to 23 teams, the maximum from ABLA history and also the staff, organized a national amateru tournament in Arad.