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  5. Round 7 in retrospective. Scorpionii on the winning end. Plumbers lost against Best

2022-2023 3 Point MVP

2022-2023 3 Point MVP Division A

1Veres ErvinPlumbersPoint Guard, Shooting Guard112424.0320.667
2Burdan CristianBaschet Club Best AradPower Forward101919.0210.500
3Dinca BogdanBaschet Club Best AradPower Forward101313.0210.500
4Ilies AndreiSpartansPoint Guard, Shooting Guard114040.0620.333
5Furtuna AlexPlumbersPower Forward114040.0310.333
6Kovacs AdamBaschet Club Best AradPoint Guard101818.0620.333
7Cintar EricBaschet Club Best AradPoint Guard101818.0310.333
8Veina VictorBaschet Club Best AradSmall Forward112828.0610.167
9Mihaltian IstvanPlumbersCenter113636.0810.125
10Boric CatalinPlumbersPoint Guard113737.01110.091

2022-2023 3 Point MVP Division B

1Marin CristianPHXSmall Forward113737.0221.000
2Rusz AlbertMP Sport TimisoaraShooting Guard101212.0111.000
3Nagy NorbertBest BCenter225125.5210.500
4Copaci EdiMP Sport TimisoaraSmall Forward111515.0210.500
5Jamason JetroBest BPower Forward112020.0310.333
6Iancu AdrianMP Sport TimisoaraShooting Guard102020.0310.333
7Juhasz RobertBest BPower Forward224120.5310.333