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  1. In front of the new season
  2. First three rounds of the new season flew by
  3. 2018-2019 season underway
  4. Round 7 in retrospective. Scorpionii on the winning end. Plumbers lost against Best
  5. Shmac 2/3 this weekend. Joulaks huge game. Plumbers overpowered Valbon2

2021-2022 Steal MVP

2021-2022 Steal MVP Qualifyers

1Ghiris Andrei-Center111010.0
2Szabo Andrei-Point Guard1055.0
3Damian Andrei-65284.7
4Istrate Andreas-Shooting Guard55224.4
5Neculaesei Alexandru-Guard, Point Guard44174.3
6Stefan Cosmin-Point Guard33113.7
7Deliu Gabriel-Small Forward2273.5
8Iancu AlexandruBaschet Club Best AradSmall Forward86283.5
9Bartis Andras-Shooting Guard, Small Forward2073.5
10Randis David-Small Forward55173.4
11Iliescu Marius-Point Guard, Shooting Guard33103.3
12Szilagyi Mark-Point Guard3193.0
13Szabo Robert-Point Guard2163.0
14Juhasz RobertBaschet Club Best Arad3282.7
15Bensouda Adam-Power Forward77192.7
16Ile Darius-Shooting Guard3382.7
17Ifrim Calin-Point Guard65162.7
18Kareta Marko-Center, Power Forward65162.7
19Veina Victor-Small Forward3282.7
20Furtuna Alex-Power Forward44102.5

Point Wizard Division A

1Hora Horia-Point Guard1155.0
2Iliescu Andrei-Point Guard32113.7
3Randis David-Small Forward55173.4
4Cojocaru Claudiu-Shooting Guard44133.3
5Costa Bogdan-Point Guard2263.0
6Belean Eduard-Shooting Guard2263.0
7Stefan Cosmin-Point Guard55153.0
8Serac Sergiu-Power Forward1133.0
9Szilagyi Mark-Point Guard3082.7
10Cordea Ciprian-Center66152.5
11Ile Darius-Shooting Guard4492.3
12Iliescu Marius-Point Guard, Shooting Guard1122.0
13Babeu Andrej-3362.0
14Bondor Mario-Point Guard1122.0
15Nicoara Andrei-Center2042.0
16Guzei Gabriel-Shooting Guard, Small Forward54102.0
17Man Alexandru-Point Guard, Shooting Guard1122.0
18Dudas Tiberiu-Center3362.0
19Talpos Andrei-Power Forward4471.8
20Mazilu Adrian-Guard64101.7

Point Wizzard Division B

1Furtuna Alex-Power Forward33175.7
2Moraru Andrei-Power Forward33144.7
3Damian Mihai-Point Guard75314.4
4Iancu AlexandruBaschet Club Best AradSmall Forward54214.2
5Istrate Andreas-Shooting Guard77273.9
6Boric Catalin-Point Guard65233.8
7Baltan Darius-88293.6
8Morati RobertBaschet Club Best AradPoint Guard, Shooting Guard2173.5
9Samant Daniel-Small Forward88263.3
10Ghiris Andrei-Center1133.0
11Vasalas ValentinBaschet Club Best AradPoint Guard64172.8
12Muntean Mihai-Small Forward53132.6
13Damian Andrei-87202.5
14Suciu Raul-Shooting Guard44102.5
15Salamen MekkiMandriiSmall Forward54122.4
16Bensouda Adam-Power Forward66142.3
17Cenuse Stefan-Power Forward55112.2
18Schipor Sebastian-Center2242.0
19Bartis Andras-Shooting Guard, Small Forward74142.0
20Valea RaulBaschet Club Best AradSmall Forward53102.0