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2021-2022 Assist MVP

2021-2022 Assist MVP Qualifyers

1Pop Sergiu-Center2178.5
2Toba Alin-Small Forward4225.5
3Randis David-Small Forward5275.4
4Istrate Andreas-Shooting Guard5255.0
5Patrascu Mihai-Point Guard155.0
6Sim OctavWESTShooting Guard2105.0
7Ardelean Emanuel-Power Forward155.0
8Stefan Cosmin-Point Guard3144.7
9Ifrim Calin-Point Guard6254.2
10Cojocaru Claudiu-Shooting Guard8334.1
11Szabo Andrei-Point Guard144.0
12Vasalas Valentin-Point Guard8313.9
13Costa Bogdan-Point Guard4153.8
14Kovacs Adam-Point Guard8303.8
15Nicoara Andrei-Center6223.7
16Szilagyi Mark-Point Guard3103.3
17Osan Casian-Power Forward6203.3
18Gyorgy Szabolcs-Small Forward133.0
19Mazilu Adrian-Guard5153.0
20Ghiris Andrei-Center133.0

Assist MVP - Division A

1Cojocaru Claudiu-Shooting Guard5224.4
2Cordea Ciprian-Center6244.0
3Nicoara Andrei-Center273.5
4Hora Horia-Point Guard273.5
5Chisalita Dorin-Center6213.5
6Randis David-Small Forward7233.3
7Mazilu Adrian-Guard8243.0
8Anica DanielWEST5153.0
9Iliescu Andrei-Point Guard4123.0
10Toba Alin-Small Forward6162.7
11Bondor Mario-Point Guard252.5
12Costa Bogdan-Point Guard482.0
13Talpos Andrei-Power Forward5102.0
14Sim OctavWESTShooting Guard362.0
15Farchizon Ionut-Power Forward122.0
16Guzei Gabriel-Shooting Guard, Small Forward6122.0
17Ifrim Calin-Point Guard242.0
18Palcu Cristian-Point Guard, Shooting Guard5102.0
19Ardelean Emanuel-Power Forward242.0
20Babeu Andrej-Power Forward471.8

Assist MVP - Division B

1Vasalas Valentin-Point Guard7385.4
2Ghiris Andrei-Center3134.3
3Iancu Alexandru-Small Forward6254.2
4Istrate Andreas-Shooting Guard7263.7
5Spier Mihaly-Center7263.7
6Deliu Gabriel-Small Forward393.0
7Baiu Sergiu-Power Forward7202.9
8Boric Catalin-Point Guard8232.9
9Mihaltian Istvan-Center10252.5
10Damian Mihai-Point Guard9182.0
11Moraru Andrei-Power Forward362.0
12Szekely Istvan-Point Guard242.0
13Cenuse Stefan-Power Forward7142.0
14Oxenfeld Ovidiu-Center122.0
15Damian Andrei-10191.9
16Mesesan Liviu-Shooting Guard6111.8
17Banya LucianBaschet Club Best AradShooting Guard351.7
18Veres Ervin-Point Guard, Shooting Guard9141.6
19Baiu Victor-Center, Small Forward8121.5
20Cioban Alexandru-Power Forward461.5