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  1. In front of the new season
  2. First three rounds of the new season flew by
  3. 2018-2019 season underway
  4. Round 7 in retrospective. Scorpionii on the winning end. Plumbers lost against Best
  5. Shmac 2/3 this weekend. Joulaks huge game. Plumbers overpowered Valbon2

2021-2022 3 Point MVP

2021-2022 3 Point MVP Qualifyers

1Radu SilviuPHXShooting Guard000.0111.000
2Micoroi SergiuVikingsPoint Guard, Shooting Guard000.5320.667
3Iov CristianVikingsPower Forward, Shooting Guard111.019110.579
4Ardeu ChristianWESTShooting Guard220.81580.533
5Cenuse StefanNext LevelPower Forward110.0420.500
6Kareta MarkoValbon100.0210.500
7Istrate AndreasPHXShooting Guard110.5730.429
8Iliescu MariusValbonShooting Guard110.8520.400
9Boric CatalinPlumbersPoint Guard210.61040.400
10Savici OvidiuMandriiShooting Guard110.0520.400
11Deliu GabrielNext LevelSmall Forward000.0830.375
12Ile DariusValbon110.4310.333
13Bondor MarioValbon100.0310.333
14Rusu RaulValbonPower Forward110.0310.333
15Palcu CristianSpartansPoint Guard, Shooting Guard110.3310.333
16Veres ErvinPlumbersPoint Guard, Shooting Guard220.0310.333
17Pop SergiuWESTCenter110.5310.333
18Kovacs AdamWESTPoint Guard220.71030.300
19Damian MihaiNext LevelPoint Guard110.3720.286
20Iancu Alexandru-Small Forward220.7720.286