Hello all,

let’s start off with the 1st round of the ABL, with the games between Best Arad and Mp sport Tm, Scorpionii vs Vikings Plumbers vs Younique and Bastards vs Phoenix.

Best vs MP, a duel between the future of basketball on this side of the country. MP lost altough the performance of Luci Serbanesc was not to neglect : 21 points and 13 rebounds in his debut game. Valy carried Best to their first win of the season with a solid double double 23 points and 10 points. final score : 69-56

Scoprionii had an easy game with the newly founded Vikings. Ewald from the winning team had 20 points. the answer came from Dehelean with 15 points and 10 rebounds. Final score : 68-39

Bastards lost against Phoenix, 49-63, Ardeu from the winning team had 18, while Oxenfeld had a solid game with 21 points and 15 boards.

The hosts, Plumbers lost against the very talented Younique team : 59-92. From Younique , Popa had 24 points and 13 rebounds, while Cata Borics 17 points were just not enough.

In the 2nd round Valbon 2 faced off Best Arad. Unfortunately for Best, they could not get the 2nd win of the season losing 87-59, behind Iliescus 21 points and 10 rebounds. Valys 18 points and Pop Eduards 19 were not enough to help their team.

Bastards got the 1st win after a year and half : 72-49 against Mandrii behind Anghels 19 points.

Phoenix got their 2nd win against MP sport TM :118-78, behind Ardeus 34 points, while the talented Luci Serbanescu got 22 points and 10 rebounds, but unfortunately it was not enough to tie up the game.

Round 3 started with the huge win of the young guys from MP sport TM against Mandrii : 70-19. Mandrii got shot down by the pressure defense of the talented young guys from Timisoara and scored only 4 points in the second half. Igor Chiru scored 23 points, while from Mandrii noone could go into double digits.

Bastards got the 2nd loss from Scorpionii, 46-59. Caliman who was in double double from half time, was the lead scorer for the winning team, 13 points and 13 rebounds, while Anghel had a huge game from downtown with 4 three pointers and 25 points.

Vikings took another loss, this time in a close game against Phoenix 75-76. Sandru had a collosal game with 29 points and 30 rebounds , while Cristi Marins 26 were not enough to get the first win of the season for the Vikings.

Best Arad lost against Younique 59-102. Vally had a huge game for Best with 35 points, but Dani Illes had a better response with 26 points and 26 rebounds.

Finally we get to the last game of these 3 rounds, Plumbers vs Valbon. Iov from Valbon had 37 points to help get a 104-55 win over the hosts. From the Plumbers, Adam Kovacs scored 20 points from multiple three pointers.


These were the highlights of the first 3 rounds of the 2018-2019 ABL season. Next weekend we will have the visit of the Serbian team Pejcevi Salasi in the Dimitrie Tichindeal Basketball Hall, so for the first time this season, we will have a full weekend with 7 games.


Have a great week everyone and thanks for reading 🙂