Hello people.


Great weekend with a lot of games. Shmac Cluj played 3 games. First one against Valbon. Easy win 82-46 behind Robi Antals big double-double 17 points 14 boards. Iov was again the lead scorer for Valbon with 17. Big game by Sabri Joulak in the win against Shmac. Condorii won by one posession 66-63. 17 points 20 rebounds for Joulak. Mehdi also helped with 20 points. For Shmac Lazar Mircea had 19. 3rd game for Shmac was against the Spartans, a game were the refs lost control and the players went crazy.  82-70 for another Cluj win. 26 points and 13 boards for Antal. From the Spartans Ardeu steppee up with 22 points.

In the inter league, the Bastards lost again this time against Best Arad. Vally had 35 points. From the losing team, anghel had 19 points and 14 boards. The Plumbers are going for the championship winning with Valbon 2, 72-55. Kovacs with 20 points and Schipor with 13 points and 13 boards led the Plumbers.  Rusu with 18 couldn’t do more to help his team.

In the B league, the Bobcats won 101-52 behind a huge gane from all 5 guys present. Pasca with 33 points led all scorers. From phoenix Moraru and Suciu had each 14. Last game was between the defending B league champs, Scorpionii and the Underdogs. 78-46 for the Stingers behind Rodeas 18 points. Ciobanu with 23 led the Underdogs.


Next weekend we won’t host any games. The Brosovsky Academy will host an international soccer tournament that will take up the time for our gym.