First of all I want to wish a merry christmas for everyone. Now I want to explain some important things about second part of the championship. The first step is to announce everybody that the transfer period is already starts, this means that you can modify your team roster, you can put new players in your roster or you can “wave” players if you want. The transaction period will be close at  13 of January. For sure the teams which have games to play form the first part, they can also transfer players, but that players can not play in the games which remain from the first part. If somebody wants to transfer players, the captain of the team must to fill out the transfer document which you can find in about us and documents section. From there you can download the document and the captain must fill out this and after this he must to send the document to the email address.

Now some words about remaining games from the first part of the championship. In the A division the situation is really clear because Bastards and Plumbers will go to the inter league for sure. In the B division the situation is not so clear yet, because in that case if Scorpionii will win their last game against AllBlacks and Best will win against Novi Sad team, then we will have 4 teams which will have 5 victories and 2 lost games. In this case we have to make a separate table with this for teams but we need to consider just the games between this teams and the points difference will give us the teams which will go to inter league. Let me explain a little bit this through an example. Novi Sad team won against Valbon 2 with 48 points difference but they lost the game against Scorpionii with 2 points and let me consider that Best will win with 5 points against Novi Sad. In this case Novi Sad will have +41 points. Scorpionii won against Novi Sad with 2 points and lost with 6 points against Valbon 2 this means that Scorpionii will have -4 and so on. In this way we will calculate who will go to inter league after last B division games. We can say for sure Novi Sad will be there because they have now +46. But for sure we will know after last round. In that case if Novi Sad won against Best they will go 100% to Inter League.


As I told to everybody in the second part of the championship we will have 3 leagues with 5 teams. In each league every team will play 3 times with all others and after this the first 4 teams will play a final four instead of play-off.


Please do not forget that before the first game of the second part of the season teams will have to pay the second part of the participation tax. This is mandatory. Also that players who doesn’t pay their jerseys bought from us (Recop) thay will do not have permission to play till they will pay the jerseys.


Another important thing to know. I somebody wants to organize games in their city, for example Timisoara, Cluj or Novi Sad. We will pay from our budget the same amount of money as we pay in Arad. This means that for they gym rental we can pay 105 Rons / game, 30 Rons for 3 officials and depending on the league we will pay 30 rons for B division referees, 40 for inter league and 60 for A division, this means 2 referees. We can not pay more because we do not have plus money to solve this problem. Thanks for your understandings.


Regarding our new webpage, I can say that from the second part of the championship we will use just this page and we will move the domain name to this. We will also keep the old webpage as an archive, and you can go also there using a link which we will put on this new web page of abla.


If somebody have questions or problems please contact us on whatsapp, phone or email..


Thanks and have a nice day