Hi all.

I want to share some important things with everybody related to our new webpage and also about second part of championship.

First of all I want to tell everybody that I start to migrate from our old webpage to this new one. From last round I start to put all statistics on this new page, because I want to check if everithing is working correctly. In parallel I put the results also on the old site but there I insert just the scores because there we will have the standings and from there we will know after we closing the first part of the season who will go to the inter league and who will remain in division A and division B.

In the following weeks I will change a lot of things on our new webpage to fit that standards which I proposed in the begining of this project. For sure we will have also a menu for our documents, where you will find the abla rule book, registration form, transfer form and other important documents related to our champinship.

I think an important feature of this site is that you can post your comments in case of every news and also in this way you can share your opinion for different things. For sure before your post will go live, we have to approve this, this means that we just check if the text does not contain scheming.

Also if you have any idea regarding how to make a better site, please use the contact menu and write us an e-mail with your ideas.

Now come take a look what we will do in the second part of championship. As  everybody know we are very close to the end of the first part of our championship which was a qualification part. We have only one week in which we can organize games and this week is the 9-10 of December. In this week we will have a weekend full of games because Cluj and Novi Sad will take a visit in Arad to play their last games. I already take a look on our reamining games and for sure some games (3-4) will remain for next year. Unfortunately we had some problems in this first part of season, because we have a lot of tournaments in Arad organized by Romanian Basketball Federation and all our staff were busy with this mandatory games and we could not organize in that weeks enough games to keep the schedule.

Next year our championship will starts in 13.01.2018 with a recovery weekend where we will schedule all canceled games and it will be mandatory to play all the games in this weekend. Who can not come will lost the game with 20-0. Sorry but somehow we have to go forward.

As I told everybody after the first part of the season the last two teams from A division and the first three teams from B division will create an inter league and in this way we will continue with A division, Inter League and B division in each we will have 5 teams. In every league every team will play 3 times with all other teams. Finally after this the first 4 teams from each league will play a final four.

Regarding the schedule for the second part of the season, I try to do my best to put all games on the site from beginning but I think also in this case we will have a lot of modification week by week, because a lot of players are working and so on. We try to do our best to schedule in that way all games that the teams can come to the games.

A very important thing, in January before first game of the second part, every team must to pay the second part of the participation tax.

We will come back with fresh info soon.