Hello everyone,

a new season of the ABL is about to start. We set the starting date to the 6th of October. After the staff meeting we had last week, we established some rules for the new season.
Each team, must fill out and send the participation form until 29.09.2018 via e-mail. Partially completed forms will be rejected. at the first game of each team, the form should be brought printed out and signed by each member. new form will be available on the website, which is now working, until 17.09.2018.
We had a lot of issues last season, with delayed and cancelled games, this will change from this season, 2 delays in the first part of the season and 1 in the 2nd part. The rules from the ABL rule book will be applied severly( please read the rule book), also if a team cancels(forfeit) 2 games, they will be automatically eliminated from the championship. another important point for this topic would be that if a team wants to cancel a game or delay it, they must announce a staff member(for each Whatsapp channel there will be 1 or 2 staff members available) with at least 48 hours before the game. Otherwise with no exceptions,the team will lose by forfeit (20-0).
The games for the new season will be drawn with a software that automatically organizes them. this will be done for the first part of the season. changes for the games can be done between the teams on the Whatsapp channel with the agreement of all involved parties.
The technical foul charge will be raised to 30 RON this year and if the player who receives it does not pay, he will not play until the fine is payed, with no exceptions. The participation tax will be 2500 RON, 1500 RON for the first part of the season(1000 RON for the second part) and must be payed at the first game of each team, who does not pay, does not play.
The league format will remain the same, A League and B League in the first part and Inter League will reappear after winter break.

Also a meeting with all captains will have to occur to discuss other rules that will be introduced from this year.
As we will have 2 teams from Serbia, we will try to organize to play some games on their home court aswell, this topic will be discussed with all captains.