Hello all.


Out of 4 games planned for last weekend,only 2 of them took place. From the A League Younique won against the Spartans 75-57. Pidi Czmor led his team with 21 points and 4 three pointers. From the Spartans, Ardeu Christian with 16 points was the lead scorer.

The 2nd game of the weekend was between the Bastards and Valbon2. The young guys from Valbon 2 had more energy and stole the game 54-49. From the losing team Anghel had 18 points, Naghel Adrian with 10 points and 10 rebounds also led a hand but it wasn’t enough. From Valbon2 Mitu Claudiu was the lead scorer with 16.

Next weekend we have some interesting games, Shmac Cluj are coming to “visit”. Also Scorpionii will face the Underdogs, Phoenix will compete against the Bobcats.