Hello everyone,


Last weekend we only had 2 games, one in the A League and the other one in the Inter League. In the A league Valbon won against the Spartans. Nedescu with 27 from 9 threepointers and Iov with 25 and 10 rebounds were the leaders for Valbon. For the Spartans with 11 points Tisca was the lead scorer. Final score 85-57

In the inter league Plumbers vs the Bastards was the only game played. Plumbers won behind Borics 26 points. Adam Kovacs also helped with 23 points. Bastards, the newest addition to the team, Alex Anghel had 17 points and 15 rebounds.

Now we shall take a look on the transfer board. All blacks were the most active losing 2 players and gaining 3. Lupascu and Anghel moved to the Bastards and they added Plapsa Sanda and Halmaci. Younique aquired Paltinisanu and Cuzic. Suba went back to the Spartans, Scorpionii got Simoc and Jivan.

This weekend we have more inter league games, Bastards vs Scorpionii in Arad, Plumbers play in serbia against the home team. Among these games we have some B league games aswell so it will be a quite interesting weekens for basketball.