Hi, All


I want to share some important information with you. As you could saw, we had some problems in this first part of season regarding the schedule of the games, because of different reasons, like the gym was busy or because of the junior competitions which took our referees and officials.

As in every year we have to finish the first part of our championship till end of december, but as I can see we can not do this because we have also 2 weeks where we can schedule games and this is not enough to play all the remaining games. I’m already made a schedule for this games and I will put this schedule to abla.ro site but please take care because the schedule can be change a little bit, but in this case I will announce everybody on our whatsapp group and I will also make necessary corrections on our site.

We have some games in which two teams from Timisoara have to play with each other, in this case I try to discuss with some referees from Timisoara to check if we can organize there this games, but first I need to know when this teams have position in a gym. For this we will discuss on whatsapp chanel.

If we will have some games for next year, than in the first weekend in january when we will coming back from winter holiday we will organize a recovery weekend where we will play all remaining games, and after we will start with the second part of the season where we will have 3 leagues Division A, Inter League and Division B.

Now I want to speak a little bit about referees, because also in this chapter we have some problems. I do not want to hurt / insult everybody but most of the player don’t know the rules of basketball. The basketball rules was changed year by year which is not so good also for us and also for the teams, but we have to keep the step with the new rules. Because a lot of player do not know the new rules this cause a lot of discussions between players and referees, I know that sometimes each part have their rights but I want to reduce this kind of discussions in the future. You have some links here with the basketball rules and interpretations, please read this most likely the interpretation part, because this changed every year or every half year.

I want to take out some important points from here like the new rule of Unsportlikely foul rule. From this year if a player stops a fastbreak (contra atac) the referee will whistle unsportlikely foul. Also if a player will accumulate 2 unsportlikely fouls or 2 technical fouls or the combination of this two,the player will be eliminated automatically from the game. Another thing is that if two players start to brawl, they will be eliminated directly without technical foul. Also the rule of travelling violation has been changed from this year, please also read about this.

I do not really  want to defend our referees, everybody can do wrong things also them, but I think if everybody will try to allocate 10-15 minutes to read a little bit the rules, than we can reduce the problems between players and referees.

Another thing do not forget that 90 % from referees are amateurs also me and I do not have the necessary experience to whistle a game like a professional referee.

I want to thanks for everybody understanding regarding this issue.


Sorry for this but the rule book and the interpretations are in Romanian language. I will try to find also in english.


Another important thing is that from next year we will start to use  our new homepage, till that time we will fix all issues and customization steps..


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