This weekend we had only 4 games, we will start as usual with the B league games and then move up
the ladder. First game was between 2 teams from Timisoara : All Blacks vs the Bobcats. All Blacks
won 93-83 behind Anghels 26 points. As an answer for this performance, from the Bobcats,
Caloporeanu came up with a big performance, 31 points. The 2 nd game of the league from this round
was between Best Arad and the Underdogs from Timisoara. Best won behind another great
performance of Vally, 31 points and 7 rebounds, but they had some difficulties in the start of the
game. Ciobanu had 16 points for the Underdogs but it wasn’t enough as his team lost 80-56.
As you probably already read, the Expendables have retired from the championship, leaving the B
league in only 8 teams.
In the MVP race in the B league, Vally from Best Arad is the number seated player, followed by Marin
Cristian from Phoenix and Walter Vaipan from the Underdogs. Taking a short look on the table, Best
is first with 5 wins and 1 loss, followed by the All Blacks in 2 nd place.
Moving up the ladder we get to the A League games. The Bastards lost again, this time they were
defeated by Condorii, 82-39. After a decent first half, the Bastards couldn’t put the ball in the net
scoring only 12 points in the 2 nd half. Best scorers for them were Suba Alex and Naghel Adi each with
10 points. For Condorii, Covaciu and Andris each with 24 points were the leadscorers. The 2 nd game in
this division was played at Cluj, between the home team Schmac and Younique. Final score 87-67 for
the home team, behind Roland Ielcius almost triple double : 33 points 9 rebounds 7 assists. Younique
had their best scorer in Leo Filip 20 points 15 rebounds of which 11 were in offense.
Taking a short overview on the MVP race in the A League, Ardelean Ema from the Spartans is in the
lead for the moment, followed by Iov Cristian and Giunta Giacomo from Valbon.
In the championship leaderboard, Valbon and Condorii share the 1 st place each with 7 points from 4
games, following by Youniqe in 3 rd with 6 points.