Hello all,

Another great weekend with great basketball on our hands in the ABL.
Let’s start with the B Division game : Underdogs vs Phoenix. The underdogs controlled the game,
until the final 2 minutes, when phoenix started hittin 3s. Final score was 59-56 for the underdogs,
which felt their earth move under their feet, after phoenix’s 6 consecutive 3 pointers. For phoenix
the best scorer was Marin Cristian with 19 points and 20 rebounds, meanwhile on the opposite side,
Walter Vaipan with 24 points and 21 board was the lead scorer.
Moving up the ladder, we arrive in the A division. The Spartans faced off Valbon. Valbon played with
a line-up of only backcourt players. They managed to tame the Spartans with their magnificient 3
points shooting and fastbreak scoring. Best scorer for the Spartans was Ardeu Christian with 19
points, all scored in the first half of the game. On the other side, Valbon was represented by Giacomo
Giuntas 34 points and 12 rebounds.
The second game of the A league was Younique vs Plumbers. The Plumbers started off in the lead,
but easy and steady, Younique took control of the game, profiting of Mihaltians 4 fouls at the break.
In the second half, Younique lost a player to foul trouble, and had to play in only 4 players. Even like
this, the plumbers could not snatch the win, although they came pretty close to making the desired
comeback in the end. For Younique all 5 players scored in double figures, but the best from them was
Totoreanu Radu with 26 points and 18 rebounds. From the plumbers, Adam Kovacs with 30 points
was the lead scorer.