Hello basketball lovers,

The new ABL Season finally kicked off. The 15 th ABL season has 7 teams in A division and 9 in the B
We will start with a short presentation of the B league games. First off, Best Arad vs Phoenix. The
young guys from Best Arad took control of the game from the beginning, leaving no chance for the
Phoenix guys to come back from their ashes. Final score was 98-70 with Vassalas Valentin the best
scorer with 27 points. Next game, the defending B league champs, Scorpionii took a hard loss with
Valbon 2. This game was really close and on the edge for both teams, but in the end behind Marius
Iliescus 18 points and 9 rebounds Valbon 2 took the first win of the season, final score : 75-69. Last
game from B division this weekend, the newcomers, Underdogs faced All Blacks, both teams from
Timisoara. The game was won by All blacks with 50-31, having the top scorer Spinu Fabian with 17

Finally we move on the only game from A division this weekend, a friendly game so to say between
The Plumbers and The Bastards. The Plumbers controlled the game entirely, Boric Catalin and Adam
Kovacs had really good performances, Cata with 21 points and 8 assists, Adam with 21 points 6
rebounds and 5 assists. From the Bastards, Demian Adrian stepped up with 17 points but it wasn’t
enough, the Plumbers took the win : 91-53.